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Would you like to hire Salon Musical?
Can we help with your upcoming party?

  • The show may be hired for

    • corporate hospitality

    • special events

    • birthdays

    • anniversaries

    • Christmas parties

    • general entertainment

  • What is needed?

    • A large space and a grand piano

    • canapes and wine (to be provided by the host) are highly recommended


The show may be adapted to suit each host’s taste and new shows with different themes can be booked. Do get in touch via the contact page on this website to discuss your requirements.

Salon Musical is a show of music and theatre which recreates the social gatherings that took place in Paris and other European capitals during the 19th century. Such events brought together musicians, artists, philosophers, poets and social figures. The centre of the evening was frequently a musical programme performed by promising emerging musicians and featured pieces by young rising star composers alongside classical favourites. The hostesses of these gatherings were often amateur musicians who played or sang and became famous for their hospitality and patronage.

Salon Musical aims to revive contemporary classical music platforms where all too often audiences and performers seem divided by barriers. This programme includes a cast of musicians and actors and showcases the beautiful classical music that attendees at such salons would have enjoyed. All the performers play characters from the period and link the pieces with spoken dialogue. Performers engage with audience members throughout the evening to create a relaxed, informal and intimate social gathering very much in the vein of the musical salons of the period. 


The current show, Chez Madame Viardot, captures the scene of 1880s Paris at the home of celebrated singer and composer Pauline Viardot with music by Gabriel Fauré, Henri Duparc, Frédéric Chopin, Pauline Viardot, Edward Elgar and poetry by Charles Baudelaire.

Salon Musical is designed to be performed in private homes or in art galleries. The programmes can be tailored to hosts’ wishes and personal choice.Various settings can also be offered including London, Viennese or Venetian themes.

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